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WooCommerce and Flywheel

How to move your brick and mortar shop to WordPress and WooCommerce

I was recently online shopping for nothing of importance when I stumbled on this woman’s incredible jewelry shoppe on Instagram. Everything was gorgeous, so I went to click the link in her bio to head to her site, but there was nothing there. I did some further digging and learned she only accepted Venmo payments and in-person hand-offs. I was bummed, but more importantly thought: “It’s the year 2020. Why doesn’t she have a website?!”

It’s more important than ever to make sure your client’s brick and mortar store has an online presence. While social media profiles and Etsy pages are nice, neither of these are sustainable if their business plan is to grow and sell more and more products. This is why I strongly recommend creating an online store for your client’s brick and mortar business using WordPress and WooCommerce!

In this article, I’ll cover:

Why WooCommerce is the best eCommerce platform

Why do I recommend WooCommerce over other eCommerce platforms like Squarespace and Shopify? While they all offer a variety of features, benefits, and price points, WooCommerce is a trusted WordPress plugin that already powers about 28% of all eCommerce sites! It doesn’t matter if your client owns a small, homemade jewelry store or a multi-chain restaurant, WooCommerce will be perfect for them.

How to move your brick and mortar shop to wordpress and woocommerce 1

People choose WooCommerce because: 

  • It’s cost effective (free!)
  • It has fantastic support
  • It’s extremely customizable

It’s cost effective

Some people shy away from putting their store online because it’s just another cost they have to worry about. But using WordPress and WooCommerce can be super cost-efficient! While there is a cost associated with getting a WordPress site up and running with a great domain and hosting provider, the WooCommerce plugin is 100% free to use and build on. All of this combined averages to cost about $20/month, and with the potential to have more sales now that their brick and mortar is online, that fee should be a pretty easy sell to your client. 

It has fantastic support

WooCommerce offers two different methods of support and contact: documentation or submitting a support request. Sifting through their documentation is a great way to search for the answer to a relatively common question. If you’re looking for something more specific though, their support team works around the world providing 24/7 service!

If you need help with your brick and mortar business to bring it online with a fresh up-to-date website to attract quality leads to help your business grow contact us here.

Origianal posted by Kacie Hughes — March 31, 2020


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